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One of the most popular sports in Ukraine after football. Denis Minin is considered the founder. The main idea of this kind of sport is doing workout outside using any objects you can get. It includes such exercises like: chin-ups, pull-ups, push-ups and different variety of it.

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Fisik latihan dasar melatih otot punggung, lengan dan bahu, mengangkat dada Anda ke bar. Dapat dilakukan dengan atau tanpa berat tambahan. Ada banyak jenis chin-ups yang merangsang berbeda dari otot.

Domain: Fitness; Category: Workouts

Rhe basic exercise to train the muscle of your back, arms and shoulders, lifting your chain to the bar with the lower grip. Could be done with or without additional weight.

Domain: Fitness; Category: Workouts

L'exercice physique de base pour former les muscles du dos, bras et les épaules, la poitrine à la barre de levage. Pourrait se faire avec ou sans poids supplémentaire. Il y a beaucoup de sortes de ...

Domain: Fitness; Category: Workouts

Basic edzés a mellkas izmait, a karok és a vállak. Lehetne tenni vagy anélkül plusz súly. Vannak különböző típusú push-up, amelyek serkentik az izmok másfajta.

Domain: Fitness; Category: Workouts

Number of times of performing one exercise in one set. The written repeats looks like : 5x10; 10 - is number of repeats.

Domain: Fitness; Category: Workouts

The basic exercise to train the muscle of your back, arms and shoulders, lifting your chain to the bar. Exercise must be made very abruptly and fast. It highly develops strength.

Domain: Fitness; Category: Workouts

The term used in street workout. Physical exercise is performed a number of times in ascending order. (for example from 1 to 10)After that exercise performs in reverse order. Repeats looks like a ...

Domain: Fitness; Category: Workouts

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