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Yidao Yongche

Getting a taxi in Beijing can be almost impossible sometimes, even with taxi hailing apps like Didi Dache or Kuaidi Dache. The basic problem is that there are not enough taxis on the streets because of government regulation. The car service company Yidao Yongche has found tremendous success by letting people book cars with drivers from private car services, avoiding the need to scramble for one of the limited numbers of licensed taxis.

After more than three years of development since its establishment in 2010, Yidao has developed ties with over 1,000 corresponding car service companies, expanding its reach to 49 cities in China. The service can connect users with over 50,000 vehicles, and the number of users has exceeded 2 million people. Some 99 percent of people who attempt to hire a car succeed, with as little as one hour notice.

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Taxi Apps in Beijing

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