Blossary is a great way to showcase your skills and wealth of knowledge relating to your interests. Blossary is also an amazing place for companies to define their products and services to the world.
We’ve set up the Blossary Business Competition in order for Blossary users to showcase their knowledge of particular companies, brands and organizations. Companies can use the Blossary Business Competition to help them reach out to your own staff and customers by defining the technology and services they have to offer. What’s better is that by doing so; whether you’re a small business, big business or a student with an excellent understanding of a company or organization, you’ve a chance to win $1000!
Do you know a lot about Google and its Gmail, Inbox, and Android technology? Define these products and services for a chance to win $1000!
Are you an owner of a small coffee shop in SoHo, London? Define the items that you have on your food and drinks menu. You can even define who you are as the owner or simply define the Rancilio Classe 9 coffee machine that you use behind the counter. Using Blossary to showcase your business gives you a chance to win $1000!
Choose a business, create a Business Blossary and 20 terms related to your chosen business; these terms can be business products, services, components, equipment, location or even the business owners and staff members.
Click here for full competition Rules or here to view quick guide on how to make the perfect Business Blossary.
Go and create a Business Blossary. There’s $1000 up for grabs!
  • lucky

    Beijing, China

    Having a stolen or lost iPhone is bound to give you a sinking feeling in your stomach - there's $200-$500 down the drain. But just because the iPhone's not in your hands anymore doesn't mean you ...
  • scott.sf

    , United States

    This blossary attempts to compile some of the interesting facts about Apple that may surprise the casual Apple fans.
  • architected

    London, United Kingdom

    Blossary highlighting the 2015 range of The North Face backbacks.
  • Technology

    Distrito Federal, Mexico

    Office 365 is a Microsoft cloud-based platform for enterprise collaboration and productivity
  • Science
    Jessica Lambert

    London, United Kingdom

    The worlds largest particle physics laboratory.
  • Languages

    San Francisco - CA, United States

    To get yourself familiarized with, we've created a Blossary identifying all the main features and terms related to Blossary.
  • Technology

    London, United Kingdom

    A collection of Nike technology that make keep the company on top when it comes to performance sports gear whatever the sport.
  • Entertainment


    Want to know some new things regarding Lego? Take a look inside this Lego Blossary.
  • Technology


    A Blossary on mergers and acquisitions by Apple.
  • vhanedelgado

    Beijing, China

    Empresas Polar is a Venezuelan industrial corporation that has 70 years old in the market. The company has produced food and beverage products. In recent years, the company has gotten the leadership ...

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