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On November 9th, 1938, Nazis in German looted, and burned Jewish stores and Synagogues, often beating Jews in the street. Over 90 Jews were killed during Kristallnacht. Also called Night of Broken ...

Domain: History; Category: World history Collected Term

A/K/A "Operation Hummingbird", or more commonly used in Germany "Röhm-Putsch". It was the action that took place in Nazi Germany between June 30 and 2 July 1934 where Hitler and the SS murderously ...

Domain: History; Category: Nazi Germany Collected Term

First coined in 1897 by German philosopher Wilhelm Marr to denote hatred of Jews; the term literally means opposed to Semites (which would include Arabic and other semitic peoples as well), but was ...

Domain: History; Category: Israeli history Collected Term

Name of German National Socialist Party, which gained control of Germany in 1933 under the leadership of Adolf Hitler.

Domain: History; Category: World history Collected Term

(1889-1945) Austrian-born leader of Germany. He co-founded the Nazi Party in Germany, and gained control of the country as chancellor in 1933. Hitler started World War II with the invasion of Poland. ...

Domain: History; Category: World history Collected Term

The rate at which the general level of prices for goods and services is rising.

Domain: Financial services; Category: General Finance Collected Term

Germany's political structure following World War I. The Constitution called for an elected President, a Chancellor (Prime Minister) appointed by the President, a Cabinet of Ministers appointed by ...

Domain: History; Category: Israeli history Collected Term

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