I am a student at Sciences Po Paris, currently on an exchange-program at the University of Peking



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French (FR)

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Catalan (CA)

  • Sept à la maison

    C'est peut-être une des séries du début des années 2000 qu'on a le plus oubliée aujourd'hui, bien qu'elle faisait un carton à l'époque. On pouvait y voir évoluer la grande famille d'Eric et Annie Camden, respectivement pasteur et mère au foyer, ainsi que leurs sept enfants, tous à différentes ...

    TV shows; Comedy
  • Yonghegong hutongs

    The Lama Temple (Yonghegong) is obviously a major and unavoidable tourist attraction in Beijing, so why not stay a bit longer around the area and enjoy the numerous surrounding hutongs? Indeed these traditional streets resolved to take advantage of the touristic aspect of the area by turning ...

    Tourism & hospitality; Tourist attractions
  • Alice in Wonderland

    Alice in Wonderland is a movie directed by Tim Burton and dating back to 2010. It revisits the classic Lewis Carroll's version through artificial though beautifil sceneries. This movie is however often said as being more the result of a search for 2010's blockbuster than Tim Burton's real ...

    Cinema; Film titles
  • Waris Dirie

    Waris Dirie is a Somali supermodel that turned human rights activist speaking out against the process of FGM, being herself a victim of this practice when she was 5. At the age of 13, she fled Somalia after being forced to marry a man much older, and settled in London where she worked as a ...

    Human rights; Equality
  • Wangfujing Market

    Wangfujing Market is a very famous place in Beijing for both Chinese people and tourists. Always crowded, this is the best way for any foreigner to get familiar with the Chinese way of doing business : haggling over is indeed the only way to get decent prices, usually half or even a third of the ...

    Tourism & hospitality; Tourist attractions
  • domestic violence and rape in somalia

    Because women are considered inferior to men in all aspects and have to please their husbands by fulfilling their every request, slight resistance on their behalf could be heavily sanctioned. Also, with regards to sexual intercourse, women who refuse it are raped; even though intermarital rape is ...

    Sociology; General sociology
  • Violence domestique et viol en Somalie

    Parce que la femme est considérée par la société somalienne comme inférieure à l'homme dans quelque domaine que ce soit, elle doit le satisfaire dans chacune de ses demandes, et par conséquent toute résistance est durement sanctionnée. Ainsi une femme refusant les avances d'un homme doit être ...

    Sociology; General sociology
  • Une nounou d'enfer

    Qui ne se souvient pas de la déjantée nourrice de M6, Fran Fine, chargée de s'occuper des trois enfants du grand producteur de comédies musicales Maxwell Sheffield. Une série pleine d'humour dans laquelle Miss Fine enchaîne les péripéties, se lie d'amitié avec l'attachant maître d'hôtel Niles et ...

    TV shows; Comedy
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