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Slack is a team communication tool founded by Stewart Butterfield. Slack began as an internal tool used by his company Tiny Speck in the development of Glitch, the defunct online game. Slack was launched in August, 2013, and signed up 8000 customers within 24 hours of launch. Here are some of the features that slack can provide.

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Channels are the topics the user can create to organize the content of the project. It's marked with hash-tag (#), for example: #engineering, #marketing. Channels increase transparency by putting ...

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The goal of slack is to keep every files and messages in one place, for easier access and share. Adding files in slack directly can be done with a simple drag-and-drop. Users can even paste images ...

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Read-state Synchronization is pretty simple: when users read something on their phone, their laptop will know about it and automatically mark those messages as read. Whatever is done on one device ...

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To prevent users from getting too many notifications, slack allows them to have their own personal settings for notifications. Users can choose the number of notifications they want: all the way from ...

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Slack is built around search from the ground up. Every discussion, every decision, and every document is archived, indexed, and available through one search box. Slack also provide "deep search", ...

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Slackbot is a built-in robot in slack, for 2 primarily uses. 1. User setup and account information: Slackbot will talk to you when Slack needs information about you or your account. You'll encounter ...

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Direct Messages is a feature within Slack that allows users to communicate directly between themselves and not as a team.

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