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The Nike football boots that the sporting company used to promote it's introduction to football apparel during The FIFA World Cup 1994 in USA.

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Будучи двох століть, Національним музеєм Індонезії (musium очолювала) є іконою, які ви повинні відвідати. Ідеально розташований в Jalan Медан Мердека Barat в місті Джакарта центр, і це археологічні, ...

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Gedung 文物雅加達建在荷蘭殖民統治時期,是在印尼的雅加達一個音樂廳。它坐落獨立清真寺和雅加達大教堂附近。簽出各種各樣的藝術節目,排好隊,從劇院顯示到音樂劇的演出。 ...

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印度尼西亚国家博物馆 (编钟 nasional) 正在两百年的历史,是一个图标,您必须访问。它位于 Jalan 棉兰默迪卡巴拉在雅加达中心城市和它是考古、 历史、 民族学和地域的博物馆。雅加达的国家博物馆作为大象大厦 (gedung gajah) 众所周知,这是有大象雕像的。 ...

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If shopping is your thing, Jakarta offers a lot from high end to budget shopping from malls to markets. Recommended Shopping malls or shopping centers or markets in Jakarta: Plaza Indonesia of fx ...

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Built during the Dutch colonial period, Gedung Kesenian Jakarta is a concert hall in Jakarta, Indonesia. It is situated close to the Istiqlal Mosque and the Jakarta Cathedral. Check out the various ...

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National Gallery is a combination of museum and art gallery in Jakarta, where you can enjoy culture, history and visual arts.

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