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  • Nokianvirta

    The name 'Nokia' is derived from the river Nokianvirta, on the banks of which the company was established. Nokianvirta itself was named after an old Finnish word, which originally meant sable.

    Water bodies; Rivers
  • World's Best Selling Phone

    Nokia held the record for the bestselling mobile phones of all times. The top 5 phones from this category are all from the brand of Nokia. The Nokia 1110 was launched in 2005 and in total sold over 250 million units.

    Mobile communications; Mobile phones
  • Grande Valse

    Grande Valse is the short tune inspired from the solo guitar composition, Gran Vals, by the Spanish classical guitarist and composer Francisco Tárrega, written in 1902. Also known as the Nokia tune, it has been the icon of Finnish corporation Nokia's musical ringtone since the 1990s.

    Music; General music
  • APEC Blue

    Term given to describe something that is initially good but is seen as a passing phase. APEC blue can be used to describe a guy or girl who initially likes you but does not pursue his or her interests further. "He's just not that into you. He's APEC blue." Term derived from the name given to the ...

    Language; Slang
  • D Series

    The ‘D Series’ is an improvement on the S. D stands for Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive + Autopilot. One of the main advantages of the Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive is the acceleration and top speed, according to Musk, it can make 0-60 mph in just 3.2 seconds.

    Automotive; Electric vehicle
  • shou hun

    Shou Hun (Chinese: 收魂) means literally "receive the soul". It's a type of forbidden witchcraft practice, involving killing another human being and collect their souls for sacrifice, offerings, or even consumption.

    Literature; Fiction
  • fu huo

    Fu Huo (Chinese: 复活) means resurrection, it's a forbidden technique to bring oneself back to life. One of the way to do it is signing a soul contract to the lord Satan itself. But one might be regret the decision, to trust the lord of darkness's mischievousness.

    Literature; Fiction
  • wu po

    Wu Po (Chinese: 巫婆) means witch or witch woman, closely related to practice of witchcraft, deal with devils, tormentor of the souls, and descendant of darkness.

    Literature; Fiction
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